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We Simulate The Behavior Of Energy Sector As A Whole

AFRY is a Stockholm-based international engineering, design and consulting company that was recently created after the merger of the ÅF and Pöyry Groups. “The company is focused on accelerating the transition towards building sustainable societies in the markets in which we operate,” says Antonio de Juan Fernández, Director of AFRY for Spain and Portugal.

AFRY is a leading firm in Europe, but also with a marked global reach with 17,000 employees in more than 50 countries. “With roots in our Nordic heritage, we seek sustainability, leveraging our digital experience, while continuing to create value for our shareholders, customers, employees and society as a whole,” de Juan tells us.

With 12 consulting offices throughout Europe, AFRY participates in the transition towards more sustainable economic models, helping governments and investors around the world in their decision making or in their strategic decisions.

In Spain, AFRY is focused on consulting services where it is the benchmark firm in energy market modeling services in Iberia and Europe. De Juan assures that “in a world in which the energy transition is taking off, the great changes that are expected combined with the enormous volumes of investment that are necessary, make our analytical skills and our modeling software essential in decision-making ”.

The Director of AFRY for Spain and Portugal assures that his consulting services “are very varied, providing solutions of all kinds to diverse clients.

We are permanently advising from large companies to small companies in their renewable energy developments, as well as in more innovative projects such as the Green Hydrogen segment, where we have been working for more than 3 years in various European markets ”.

The use of its services and know-how is also noteworthy in large M&A transactions in the energy sector, since other of its classic clients are international investment funds that are showing increasing interest in the renewable sector, both as investment and by strategies of Corporate Social Responsibility.

“We advise large companies in their renewable energy developments, and in more innovative projects such as the Green Hydrogen segment”

In recent years, they have advised the Portuguese government on the design of renewable energy auctions for almost 2GW of Solar PV. Or, to cite another example, de Juan emphasizes that “recently we have also worked with Iberdrola exploring the long-term possibilities of achieving a decarbonized economy in Europe, placing special focus on Spain and the United Kingdom, and analyzing the consequences and implications of said future”.

Knowledge, that abstract that many say they have but few possess. Therein lies the success of any good project, and AFRY is no exception. In the words of de Juan “our product and advice is based on the deep knowledge of the energy sector of our more than 400 consultants distributed globally.

This knowledge is what is subsequently used in our modeling software to simulate the expected behavior of energy markets in the long term ”.

This software not only allows them to advise their clients, but also several Electrical System Operators (the analogues to REE in countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and several Nordic countries) acquire the AFRY software tools for their sector planning activities. .

This interaction with customers allows the company to continually improve its market modeling, which is now leading them to develop Monte Carlo and probabilistic methodologies in conjunction with artificial intelligence methods to improve simulations and services to their customers.

“We simulate the behavior not only of the isolated electricity sector, but the energy sector as a whole, modeling future interactions between the electricity sector and energy uses in transport and industry.” De Juan adds that “the present context of decarbonization of our economies implies precisely that the past is going to tell us very little about what we can find in the future.

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