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Medical Union Warns Of The Healthcare Pressure In Hospitals

The president of the Balearic Medical Union (Simebal), Miguel Lázaro, has made an “urgent” appeal this Monday to the population of the Islands and has appealed to self-confinement “for social conscience”, given the increase in cases of COVID-19 in Balearic Islands in recent weeks.

Lázaro has indicated that if more restrictive measures are not taken than the current ones, the situation within 10 days will be “very, very negative”, for which he has asked the Balearic Government to assess the restrictions that are currently in place.

The president of Simebal has asked citizens “to be aware of the number of infected.” “We are in hospital resources that, although they can be expanded, require a very responsible behavior in which the plural must be above the singular,” he said.

He also highlighted “the extraordinary commitment” that the medical community is showing during the last months of the pandemic. “I remind President Armengol that there is a great disaster in the medical community and that is why it hurts us that we are a community in which we have been mistreated at the retributive level,” he lamented.

In fact, he has ensured that the staff board of the Son Espases Hospital studies this Monday the change of the holidays planned for Christmas due to the pressure of care. In this sense, he has demanded that for all those doctors who have to suspend their vacations and their permits, IbSalut reimburse them with 45 euros per hour worked, as they are paid on special Christmas days.

In this way, Lázaro has warned that “the contagion curve is going up and it is going to go further up.” “The established political strategies are not proportional to the reality we are experiencing,” he warned.

Regarding the state of the hospitals in the Islands, Lázaro has assured that there is no lack of individual protection equipment in the centers, but he has warned of the severity of the pressure in the hospitals due to the number of admissions.

Specifically, it has indicated that “the Son Espases ICU has become a COVID ICU” and that patients with other types of pathologies have been referred to other units of the center.

In this same line, the Nursing Union (Satse) has expressed itself, from which they have pointed out that there is a lack of personnel in Son Espases and that they are trying to enable units and transform them into COVID. “There are a lot of personnel on leave, either due to contagion or preventive isolation,” they have indicated.

In addition, the president of Simebal has explained that in Son Espases “it seems that the scheduled surgery is going to be suspended” and that they will consider denying vacation permits this Christmas. “In the emergency services of Son Espases there is a measure of 12 patients every day for COVID-19”, said Lázaro, who added that “the trend is to get worse.”

On the other hand, according to Lázaro, in the Inca hospital there are five patients in the ICU and a bed remains free in the REA unit. Also, in the center there are 21 admissions in total and three patients pending admission to the emergency room.

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As for the Hospital de Son Llàtzer, Lázaro has pointed out that there are 55 patients with COVID-19 on the floors and in the ICU there are 15 beds, of which 13 are for people with coronavirus. “The internal medicine and pulmonology plants are saturated and now other services are being used to admit adults with COVID,” he highlighted.

Finally, from Satse they have warned that “the situation is very critical in all managements”, so they have appealed to citizens “to be very cautious” in the face of the increase in cases of coronavirus in the Islands.

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