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New York intellectuals made up the Algonquin group

Three words that define the legend of Orson Welles, Hollywood’s eternal enfant terrible even when he died at 70 in 1985. At that time, David Fincher had only taken the camera to make music videos with Madonna.

Michael Jackson or advertisements. He hated publicity, but it opened the doors of Hollywood for him. His career is also defined by those three words, given his attention to detail and the thirst for control of a 58-year-old Denver-born director who, like Welles, has garnered dozens of Oscar nominations for his films and no statuettes. for him.

He compares himself by saying that his The Social Network “was Citizen Kane from John Hughes’ teen relationship movies.” Now he wants to clarify a small detail: Mank, his new film.

which premieres on Netflix is not a feature film about Welles or the authorship of Citizen Kane . “That was what my father [screenwriter of the film] proposed to me, but I was not interested in that posthumous arbitration,” he makes clear as soon as the conversation begins.

“ Mank does not speak of a dispute he talks about a man, a professional and the turnaround his life took when he met a young genius ”, he explains.

That man is Herman Mankiewicz, a journalist, theater critic and one of the New York intellectuals who made up the Algonquin group. Mankiewicz discovered a career and fortune in Hollywood, although alcohol early drowned out his brilliant voice.

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