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Jorge Vilda The Objective Is To Win Both Games

The coach of the Spanish women’s soccer team, Jorge Vilda, said at a press conference after offering the call for the EURO 2022 qualifying matches against Moldova and Poland that they will be two difficult rivals “due to their defensive approach and the high quality that treasures above all Poland “.

The two teams will defend us “in low blocks” but Poland will make it much more difficult for us due to the quality of the players: the teams that close make it very difficult for the two lines to be knocked down with very little space for facing the rival goal, one of the keys to beating Poland for the first time after trying to do so with Moldova.

The coach has had words of encouragement to the players who cannot be due to the injuries and also congratulate those who were in the previous call, a complicated appointment due to Covid-19 that supplied the soccer players who tested positive.

Regarding the incorporation of Maite Oroz, he affirmed that he has always been in the team’s plans due to his great footballing level and that is how we have shown it since he has come with us and “we have liked it a lot when he has played as a midfielder and we believe that it is time to bet on her “.

“The female Real Madrid is performing at a high level and the fact of betting on national players means that, due to their quality, they deserve to be here; they are showing an increasingly better gear and I’m sure they will do well,” he said after betting on six of its players.

“Playing in Las Rozas is like playing in your living room”

“We knew that we were going to have a tight schedule due to the number of tight matches, but it is a triumph that matches are being played and we must adapt to the FIFA calendar,” he added while betting on living day to day, living with the coronavirus and be positive; we see the light at the end of the tunnel getting closer and closer to the issue of vaccines and for now we are fine, “he reviewed how the pandemic affects the team.

Regarding the incidence in the training sessions, he has commented that not only do they comply with all hygiene measures but that they go a step further, such as calling two buses to keep the same seat; the mood of the players is good since we have achieved a ‘bubble’ in La Ciudad del FĂștbol; It is not only playing at home but playing in the living room and a reason for joy for the players. ”

Regarding Nahikari, she said: “She is a player who has a national team gene , she is one of the most competitive players I know and despite the injury she is doing a great job and we are happy that she is here with us.”

Another focus of the press conference was the absence of Amanda Sampedro: “It is proof of the great level of the players but the best thing for her is that she now focuses on her team to see the best Amanda and we believe that this decision suits her to help so he can come back to us. “

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