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Mark1199 Event Location have Been moved to Mid City

There is asbestos there There too And in that building and mark1199 location have been movie to mid city And in that meeting and in the patios of lights . Taking a tour of Badia del Vallès with someone who knows a little about the history of the municipality allows you to open your eyes to a reality that has always been in sight.

The city ​​was built at once between the late 60s and early 70s and basically fed on immigration that arrived in a land of opportunities known as Catalunya.

In those days it was used, because the Ministry of Housing built quickly and cheaply, asbestos, a harmful materialto health. In 2015 a commission was created to claim the removal of asbestos from all buildings, about 200.

Six years later, this Thursday a map of the population was presented that locates the disease down to the smallest detail. To the point that it marks which farms are worse , where to start and what measures must be taken urgently.

Among the public of the municipal auditorium of Badia was the ‘president’ Pere Aragonès, who has committed himself to the cause but without excessive specificity.

In the past it has already been performed in public mark1199 buildings and schools But it remains to go into practically all the buildings, built under the same pattern of exterior architecture.

Basically asbestos and cement. It may not be the municipality with the most asbestos, but it is the one with the most concentrated problems in so little space (0.9 square kilometers) and with so much population (14,000 inhabitants).

The useful life of this material is considered to be 40 years, at which point it begins to degrade and release fibers into the atmosphere that can cause diseases such as certain types of cancer.

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