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Pablo Díaz And The Bite That Hacienda Hits The Pasapalabra Award

Pablo Díaz became the main protagonist of the day this Thursday after Antena 3 dedicated a special program to him on the occasion of the achievement of the Pasapalabra boat. After his interview in El Hormiguero , the young man from Tenerife started a live show on Twitch, a channel that has already become his work environment, which lasted until the early hours of the morning. [ Pablo Díaz bursts Pasapalabra’s audience : the most surprising data behind the 30.8% share ]

Just a few hours later, without having slept much due to the vortex of emotions experienced, Pablo Díaz kindly attends us to express his first impressions after winning the 1,828,000 euros of the prize . “This donut was just as difficult as the other 259 that I have made,” declares the contestant, assuring ECOTEUVE.ES that this time, simply, “the stars aligned”. “It was pure chance,” he adds, revealing when he knew he would win.

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Pablo assures that he did not feel anything special during the recording of the program in which he ended up dyeing the donut green: “It was such a normal day that it was the first program we recorded on a Monday. I didn’t feel like anything because, for me, it was start one more week in the program “, the musician sincerely acknowledges, who has spoken about the high percentage of the prize that the Treasury will take.

As we reported, the tax agency will take almost half of the pot (about 800,000 euros), which it has won after a year of daily struggle in the Antena 3 format. Does it seem unfair? “It seems fair to me that a person who earns that amount is charged every year. Now, that a person charges 1,828,000 euros at once and never again …”, the canary reflects before confessing the income you get now thanks to Twitch. “The repercussion that I have had thanks to the program is what has made that now I can have enough people to be able to make a living from it.”

What did this rosco have for the miracle of completing it to occur? Did you feel it was easier than others?

This donut was just as difficult as the other 259s I’ve made. In my opinion, it had four difficult words, like all donuts, two from a dictionary and two from outside the dictionary. What did this donut have for me to take? Well, words that I just remembered, there is no more trap. The ones for ‘nabato’ and ‘vilano’ I knew them because the first one had come out another day and the second one had memorized all the words with ‘v’ from the dictionary.

The other two, ‘Ilves’ and ‘Risaralda’, I knew them because I had listed all the presidents and all the capitals and administrative divisions of all the countries. Actually, it was a coincidence that just that donut knew it to me. There have been other donuts in which I had everything written down and I have not remembered. Come on, the stars aligned.

He solved the test very quickly, with a play ‘of the pull’ in the second round. At what point in the donut did you know that the boat would be taken?

Probably when I heard the ‘v’ in the first round. There I thought that I had options for all of them and that all the difficult ones had already come out. ‘Dux’ is considered easy, although it is a little complicated, but I had it. Although you always doubt, I doubted in the ‘c’ between ‘capo’ and ‘leader’, I doubted in the ‘v’ between ‘vilano’ and ‘verolis’ … I had some doubts, but in the ‘v’ of the first round I thought it was possible

Almost all the winners of the Pasapalabra jackpot have acknowledged that they had a hunch on the day of the recording of the donut that gave them the victory. Was it your case?

It was such a normal day that it was the first show we recorded on a Monday. I had no hunger for anything because, for me, it was starting another week in the program. There is a point where you get into a routine where obviously you always compete to win the jackpot, but you never say, ‘This is the show, I sense it.’ No, every day is one more program. As it happens, you know that one, there is no hunch. It was a coincidence and I was not thinking right or wrong at the time. I was thinking: It’s one more day.

It has entered the homes of millions of people day by day. How has this jump to fame led to? What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you this year?

I have noticed the jump to fame, above all, due to the repercussion that I have had on social networks. To such an extent that now I owe my work to Pasapalabra . The impact that I have had thanks to the program is what has made that now I can have enough people on Twitch to be able to make a living from it.

That is what has had the most impact. Fame is not that I don’t like it, but I don’t care about it. What matters to me is my close people, the people I love and who have always been there. I’m not going to change, I’m going to lead the same life that I led two years ago. But it is true that the fact that people know you from a TV program makes a lot of things change. To start my work, I already say that I can live from that.

How many subscribers do you already have on Twitch? How much money can you earn per month thanks to this tool?

I have about 50,000 followers on Twitch right now. Although I have to say, 10,000 joined yesterday, after winning the Pasapalabra jackpot . But what makes you receive money from Twitch, to a large extent, is the subscribers. Subscribers are people who voluntarily donate money per month. They are 5 euros, but if you enter with Amazon Prime it is free, because Twitch is from this platform. I get about 2.5 euros from each of them. Those subscribers get some benefits, like choosing their favorite song to play during streaming, I send them Pasapalabra notes from my database …

That’s where most of the income comes from. Before the jackpot I had about 400 subscribers, which is about 900 euros a month. Now I have uploaded a lot, but this is very ephemeral. It is a wave, now I am very high, but who knows how I will be in October. Just in case, I don’t get my fingers caught, but you live well. To that we must add a little bit of money that I receive through advertising. Mainly thanks to subscriptions.

Everyone has an idealized image of you: violinist, studious, successful, now with a partner … Do you have a major flaw or is there something that has gone wrong?

A defect that can become a virtue, depending on the moment, is that I have a mind that is a bit obsessive with some things and that, in the long run, is not very healthy. If there is something that gets between my eyebrow and eyebrow, I will be there 100%, it is the case of Pasapalabra . The most important thing is to keep your feet on the ground and make sure that does not separate you from other things that are also important. I always try not to neglect meeting my friends, being with my family even if there is something very important to which I want to spend a lot of time.

In these 260 shows, have you ever considered quitting?

Not really. I took Pasapalabra like a passing train and that you have to take advantage of right now. I have been in the program three times: the first at the beginning of 2017, I was 47 programs, Julio Escartín took the boat in his first program and I had to go home, which is what has happened to Javier Dávila now; the second time I was only three programs and I lost the blue chair; and this is the third. I have always taken it as something that is very ephemeral but very intense, so everything I can dedicate to the program I am going to do.

If I throw in the towel I am missing a train that will not last long, it is a matter of months, weeks or even days. If I had lost the blue chair I probably wouldn’t have thrown in the towel, but it would have cost me. I have been studying for Pasapalabra since 2015 and had I probably lost until 2023 I would not have tried to compete again. The very idea of ​​being two more years if it would have weighed me a lot, that is why I am so relieved to have gotten the boat, it is the culmination of years of study and the feeling of having achieved my goal.

He takes 1,828,000 euros and the Treasury takes almost half the prize. Does the percentage you have to pay seem fair to you?

It seems fair to me that a person who earns that amount should be charged every year. Now, that a person collects 1,828,000 euros at once and never again, I don’t know. Some people will think one thing and others others, I’m not going to get wet, but it would show that winning it one year is not the same as every year always.

Throughout this year, he has taken advantage of the visibility that the program has given him to support numerous social causes. This being the month of Pride, do you identify with the struggle for the values ​​of the LGTBIQ + collective?

Of course. I support absolutely and without any kind of ambiguity the fight for the rights of the LGTB collective. It seems to me that it is an advance that, in a 21st century society, these values ​​are increasingly widespread in society. The western world is progressing a lot, although there is always a lot to do and that these big companies join me seems like very good news.

After gaining so much public exposure, have you had to be more careful and think twice before speaking or writing on the networks?

Yes, when you are a public figure who appears every day on TV you have to be careful. Talking to your friends on a terrace is not the same as saying it publicly. I have expressed some personal opinion, but I have almost always tried to stay quite on the sidelines. In the end Pasapalabra is not a gossip show, it is a very white cultural contest and I really don’t see the need to say more personal things about the contestant.

One of the most exciting images of the show in which he won the jackpot was Roberto Leal’s reaction. How has your relationship with him been?

Roberto is a very nice person, he makes you feel super good, my relationship with him is very good and I consider him a friend. Neither of us could hold back our tears because we have had many experiences in this last year and we are very sad that we cannot continue seeing each other every week, but I am sure that he will do great, he is a very strong professional and he has everything to be the best presenter right now.

You also shared time with Christian Gálvez on Telecinco, have you written to him?

I have a lot of respect and esteem for Christian, I also consider him a friend. He congratulated me on the boat and I want to send him a giant hug because I also had many experiences with him. He looks like a pro to me like the top of a pine tree, so I’m sure he’s going to do super well in life.

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