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What Is PAS Behavior How You Should Act If You Witness A Traffic Accident

Given the greater mobility that is coming these months on the road, the police wanted to remember how to act in the face of a case that can happen to any driver and that, if done well, can save lives . It is the situation that occurs in the presence of a traffic accident, something that escapes the security that anyone can present , and that to memorize the correct action follows the acronym of PAS.

Protect, warn and aid are the three fundamental steps that the National Police Force (CNP) has put into view on its social networks these days . Good behavior to take into account in an accident, which has not yet been helped by specialized agents , and which can be vital for the health of the driver and passengers involved in the accident on the road.

In a campaign that is being carried out together with the Red Cross , the Police want to educate the millions of Spaniards who this summer will hit the roads to enjoy their vacations. And it is that this PAS behavior is vital to memorize, since not everyone knows it and sometimes, the false belief of help can be worse for the people involved or, even, for the one who helps.

Protect, warn and help
Therefore, the first of all is to protect the scene of the accident . By activating the new emergency lights , which are already available, the next step will be to put on the reflective vest to make yourself visible on the road. If you do not have the new V-16 lights, you will first have to put the vest inside the vehicle, then go out and place the classic warning triangles.

After talking to the victims and avoiding further recklessness, the next step is to notify the emergency services . By means of 112, it will be necessary to indicate the place of the accident, the nearest kilometer point, describe the current situation, indicate the number of injured and their situation and identify oneself, staying on the call until indicated by the emergency services.

Finally, and before they arrive, the victims will have to be helped . Checking the state of consciousness and avoiding sudden movements, in case of not breathing it will be necessary to perform a CPR maneuver. A step also unknown to many people, which consists of performing 30 chest compressions plus two inflations, at a rate of 100 compressions per minute. In addition, in case of bleeding it is highly recommended to apply direct pressure to the wound with a dressing.

PAS behavior that can save lives this summer, but before what the police, as well as all the bodies involved in traffic, remember that the best safety is to be cautious . “To prevent is to live”, closes the memory of the agents in their social networks, inviting a good performance in such situations.

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