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223 Places Have Been Convened To Work In Archives, Museums And Cultural Libraries

The Ministry of Culture has published the call for 223 public employment positions to work as assistants in archives, libraries and museums.

The open access call , corresponding to the public employment offer of 2018 and 2019, reserves 11 of the places for people with disabilities equal to or greater than 33%.

Requirements and how to register for the oppositions
Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma or Technical Engineer and pass a phase of three exams. The first of them consists of the written development of four topics, the second of the resolution of two practical cases and, finally, a language test that can be chosen between English and French.

To register, you must go to this website of the State Administration and fill in the forms before July 21, the deadline for registrations.

For this, the identification and signature systems admitted for registration will be those determined by the IPS service: DNIe / Electronic Certificate, Permanent Cl @ ve and Occasional Cl @ ve (Cl @ ve Pin). Here we tell how to get them.

To participate in these selective tests, the admission application must be completed and submitted electronically in the official 790 form, which will be available at the General Access Point. Failure to submit the application in a timely manner, as well as the lack of justification of the payment of the fee for examination rights or of being exempt from it, will determine the exclusion of the applicant.

Arrangement of places
In total, the call is distributed among the different places:

– Archives section: 43 free admission places and 3 for internal promotion corresponding to 2018 and 31 and 12 respectively corresponding to 2019

– Libraries: 44 free admission places and 6 for internal promotion corresponding to 2018 and 40 and 9 respectively corresponding to 2019

– Museums: 37 free admission places and 2 for internal promotion corresponding to 2018 and 38 and 3 respectively corresponding to 2019

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