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Health Requires A Plan For The Autonomous Communities In Pharmacies

The Minister of Health , Salvador Illa, has demanded this Wednesday a plan from the autonomous communities that want to perform antigen tests in pharmacies for the detection of coronavirus cases, Madrid Community and Catalonia had requested authorization from the central government to do so.

Now, the minister, who has chaired the meeting of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System from Mérida, has asked them to detail, for example, if they propose separate circuits for tests and other citizens who are going to collect medicines. Or how they will link the data collected with the public health services, among other issues.

According to Illa, the Ministry of Health technicians are analyzing the document published this Wednesday by the European Commission with recommendations for antigen testing .

The Brussels text “validates the Spanish testing strategy”, but has insisted on the need for “trained personnel” to carry out the sampling, as well as to follow the instructions of the manufacturers.

In that sense, the Health Minister has defended the efficiency of the detection system so far, with a “very high” quality because it is done with the maximum security guarantees, according to Illa.

In this sense, the Minister of Health of Extremadura, José María Vergeles, has ensured that the use of the pharmacy network to carry out mass tests is not currently being considered, although antigen tests could be used for screening in specific situations such as residences older.

Since the Madrid vice president Ignacio Aguado announced the intention of testing all Madrid residents before Christmas – an objective that was later clarified by the Minister of Health , Enrique Ruiz Escudero -, pharmacists have defended that they could do them with a specific protocol.

However, the Official College of Nursing of Madrid does not consider it safe due to the existence of aerosols that could cause infections.

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