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Biden Promises Access To Vaccine For All Adults From May 1

It has taken 50 days for the pessimism that gripped Americans due to the regrettable management of the coronavirus by his Government to give way to a renewed faith in the future.

Contagions have plummeted since early this year and after a slow start of the vaccination campaign, the US is now the third country (behind the UK and Chile) most vaccines has put per capita among those with more than 10 million population.

A new horizon can now be added to that optimism. Its president, Joe Biden , promised last night that everyone over 18 years of age can have access to the vaccine as of May 1, a milestone that, he said, could help the country regain something similar to normalcy on July 4 , the date of its national holiday.

The announcement came during Biden’s first prime-time address to the nation , dedicated to commemorating the first year since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the localized coronavirus epidemic had morphed into a global pandemic.

An occasion that the new president took as much advantage of to remember those who are no longer, as everything that has been lost, in a new outpouring of empathy light years away from the elusive coldness of Donald Trump.

But also to highlight that optimism that appears in the country at the gates of spring. “If you do your part, if we do this together, there is a good chance that you can celebrate the 4th of July with your families and friends in your gardens and your neighborhoods,” said the Democrat after emphasizing that ” independence from the virus ” is a little closer.

“After such a long and hard year, this would make our Independence Day truly special.”

Biden did not want to raise the bells to the flight and stressed that both the use of masks and social distancing will have to be maintained for quite some time, measures that are trying to boycott Republican states such as Texas , which have lifted the mandatory use of masks and it has completely reopened its economy as if the pandemic were history. ”

I need you, American people . I need you. I need all Americans to do their part,” implored Biden after making a sober reading of the situation and recalling that 527,726 of his compatriots have died victims of covid-19 , a figure unparalleled in no other country.

Plans to accelerate the vaccination campaign
But “finding light in the dark is a very American thing,” Biden said, and now there are reasons to justify it. In the last week, 2.2 million people have been vaccinated per day ; almost 20% of the population have received at least one dose and 10% have completed both, according to official data. And there are plans to pick up the pace.

The president announced that another 4,000 soldiers will be mobilized to participate in the vaccination campaign, both in logistics and in the administration of injections. He also ordered that distribution be increased in 20,000 pharmacies throughout the country and a thousand community centers located in the poorest neighborhoods.

“We are united by the pain and losses accumulated during all this time. But we are also united by hope and the possibilities of the days that are coming their way,” said Biden, who has raised this campaign as a war effort not very different from the one he did. the country during World War II.

Your efforts are paying off. Almost 70% of Americans approve of his handling of the coronavirus , according to a recent poll. His massive stimulus package , which he signed a few hours before and which he will sell during the next few weeks traveling around the country, also has a large majority of support .

Criticism of Trump
Without even mentioning his name, Biden criticized his predecessor for “denying for days, weeks and months” the seriousness of the pandemic , a Trump who exactly a year ago said that the risk posed by the virus “is very low.”

And he also condemned the ” cruel hate crimes ” against Asian Americans , “harassed, blamed and used as a scapegoat” by some since the beginning of the pandemic. “It is intolerable, un-American and has to end,” he said emphatically.

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