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Stars Of Magic Will Celebrate The Feast Of Their Patron

The entity that Alfredo Blasco presides rightly , has found the ideal formula to be able to celebrate the holiday despite the difficulties that we are having to live due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is worth mentioning that Saint John Bosco , born in an Italian village in August 1815, was orphaned when he was only two years old, being the youngest of three brothers, and had to lend a hand to the sad family economy from a very young age as a peasant and as a tailor’s apprentice. At age 9 he had the first of his 159 prophetic dreams, where Jesus and the Virgin Mary appeared to him, directing him to carry out his evangelizing work.

He used magic games, juggling, and acrobatic skills, which he practiced since childhood, to attract children and young people to the Church. He is considered “Father and Teacher of Youth”, being the Founder of the Salesian Congregation.

He died on January 31, 1888 and was canonized in 1934 by Pope Pius XI. During the celebration of the II Congress of Illusionism that Segovia hosted in 1953, he was appointed patron of the illusionists. Currently he is also a patron of youth, actors, journalists, filmmakers and apprentices.

Returning to the congress in question, it has a list of artists impossible to gather under normal circumstances, since all of them would be busy with their multiple international commitments.

Geniuses of stature and world recognition such as Dani DaOrtiz , Miguel Muñoz , Javier Botía , Richard Turner , Rafael Benatar , Yunke , Juan Esteban Valera , Víctor Piña , Mago Migue and Madhi Gilbert will participate in the event.

Of all of them we have decided to highlight the latter for his example of overcoming, of will and sacrifice, becoming a benchmark for the perfection of his magic with cards despite being born without feet or hands, which is forgotten after three minutes. see him perform.

Born in Toronto (Canada), he has had to create all the techniques he uses in his illusions. « I always thought that magic was a perfect art for me because it achieves the impossible. And in my conditions it was quite a challenge. It’s the best thing that has happened to me in my life », he commented on his last visit to Spain, specifically in 2017, during the” Hocus Pocus “festival in Granada.

Gilbert appeared on the third season of the American illusionist television show “Penn & Teller: Fool Us”, showing a version of the oil and water game, which left the audience in awe. He also appeared in the documentary “Our Magic”, created by R. Paul Wilson .

He contributed to the research of the book “The Greatest German Living” by Ricky Jay , which is about Matthias Buchinger , who was also born without hands and feet in 1674. In addition to being a highly regarded magician, he was an inventor, printer, calligrapher, illustrator, teacher of Target shooting and multi-instrumentalist musician. Very prolific, he had fourteen recognized children from his eight wives and many others from his more than seventy lovers.

The closing gala will be broadcast from Barcelona and will have the presence of three exceptional magicians such as Joaquín Matas , Gisell and Isaac Jurado . The way to attend virtually and see the galas from home is by purchasing the tickets at

The SEI, formed by 26 circles throughout Spain, will try with this event to disseminate this art in which our country is a world superpower as evidenced by the eight awards obtained, in different categories, during the last International Festival of Magical Societies (FISM) .

This contest is the largest event on a world scale, considered the Olympics of illusionists, in which the Spanish delegation achieved a historical record, including the Grand Prize and the Special Prize for the Best Invention.

By chance and fortunately in Barcelona we can enjoy the performances of the president of the Catalan Association of Fans of Illusionism (ACAI), the SEI circle in Barcelona, ​​every Sunday at 11 in the morning in the Ón room.

David Valencia offers us a family, fun and original show workshop. A first contact and a brilliant approach to this art, which will awaken astonishment and imagination until, most likely, it will become a hobby.

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