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Yacht Clubs Economic Engine

The Balearic social nautical sector, made up of 24 nautical clubs that mostly house boats of less than ten meters (66% of the total moorings are small boats), generates 627 million euros directly and another 210 million indirectly , in added value. In addition, it creates a fabric that, between clubs and related companies, employs a total of 3,883 people, just over 1,100 of them directly.

The data are part of the conclusion of a study carried out by the Department of Economics and Business of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB), three of whose professors -Rafael Crespí, María Antonia García and Margarita Alemany- have analyzed the data corresponding to the financial year 2019 , the last one before the pandemic.

The study has been presented by the rector of the UIB, Llorenç Huguet, who has emphasized the “importance” of yacht clubs not only from the “economic” point of view, but also from its “social” aspect, with its 12,700 partners and their 7,700 students training in their Sailing, Canoeing or Swimming schools .

In the words of Miquel Suñer, president of the Association of Nautical Clubs, the entity that promoted the study, “the clubs are also sports centers that do not cost the administration money”, but rather generate it through the payment to the public coffers of the annual royalties exploitation.

The UIB professors have shelled the data and explained the “technical, rigorous and conservative” methodology that they used to carry out this calculation. Remarking that his research conforms to scientific and academic standards. The volume of money that moved around the nautical clubs of the Balearic Islands, concludes his study, is equivalent to 1.9% of the region’s GDP.

One of the data offered affects the social character and the importance that the clubs have over the middle classes. And it is that of the total of existing moorings in its water mirror, 8,279, up to 5,499 are occupied by boats of less than ten meters in length, and another 2,054 by boats between 10 and 15 meters, in large proportion sailboats.

The total number of boats moored in the clubs that exceed 20 meters does not reach two hundred (194).

Regarding the future that awaits them and the foreseeable impact of the pandemic and the economic crisis on their activity, the representatives of the nautical association consider that it is still early to predict it , but they point out that one of the strengths of the clubs is precisely their great social roots in their localities and their work as promoters of local activity. And they expect public administrations to assess all these parameters.

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