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Neuromarketing or use of science to succeed in electronic commerce

Only 50 milliseconds is the time it takes the brain to generate a first impression on a web store, a sensation that will determine whether an Internet user continues to click on that page or, automatically, prefers to leave it to search other sites.

A piece of data, taken from a study on the importance of web design in the value judgments of navigators prepared by Google , which also reflects how the subconscious is responsible for up to 95% of all our purchases: colors (such as orange) that drive us to buy more or emotions that we only perceive when we buy certain brands and cause us to become loyal to them.

Issues that now, with the unstoppable growth of e-commerce due to covid-19have been placed on the work table of large and small entrepreneurs who sell online. Knowing how your customers’ minds work has become an essential strategy for the profitability of your business.

These actions, together with the development of neuroscience, have generated in recent years the concept of neuromarketing , a set of marketing techniques that, supported by scientific studies and tests, measure the objective behavior of buyers and allow the development of more effective strategies in those that appeal to the feelings and certain behaviors of the subconscious to increase sales.

With the emergence of electronic commerce, this knowledge has had to adapt to new buying habits and the relationship that prevails in this new field between seller and buyer: enhancing the image of a brand on the web, advertising on social networks and even, and very important, excite customers with packaging(packaging, in English) and shipping of the product. A point that, in the last year, Internet users value the most when they choose a web store.

Most experts recommend that, before creating a company, it is essential to define the feelings that we want to sell along with our products or services. “Nowadays, the most important thing before opening a business with e-commerce is to be clear about the image and the emotions that the brand in question wants to convey.

Customers will also buy for that feeling they will get when the package arrives. no matter what the product is “, underlines the consultant José Ruiz, an expert in neuromarketing.

To do this, it is essential to seek advice on which are the concepts that best suit the business that will be launched (it is not the same to sell children’s clothing than articles of extreme sports), from the choice of name and logo to the type packaging or language to promote yourself. However, there are several common points of neuromarketing that every business with e-commerce must meet.

Among all the feelings that influence buyers the most, trust is the most important. In fact, according to Ruiz, the first reason for abandonment in online stores is related to the lack of trust that certain web designs transmit to Internet users, especially those people who buy online for the first time.

What influences the most? First, the color scheme. The clearer the better. “White is synonymous with reliability. Although there is now a fashion to put everything in black, clear and simple designs are those that convey a feeling of more security,” says Ruiz. Developing a website that meets these issues is essential.

And second, the image of the product. It must be a fairly professional and clear photo, in which the object can be seen well and without a background. When people see a photo that the seller has taken on the table at home, it negatively influences them. Nor should go over and use too artificial product photos.

To convey emotions it is better to use what surrounds the photo. “We have seen many cases in which the customer has preferred to buy the same product in a more expensive store because the photo did not convey confidence,” says Ruiz.

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